People have mean e-mailing me quite a bit about how much they have enjoyed the DVD and web tutorials.  I am putting this page up so that people can express their appreciation… if they want others to know. J

Thanks to all that will post.

Jonny Ginese


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  • Ronald Benoit Jr  says:

    I have recieved this DVD and it’s excellent! It shows you stuff you’re gonna need to use and how and where to download them. The information is clear and concise and nice and slow not rushed. It give’s you a chance to follow along with your own DAW open. It really helped a beginner like me. Takes you right through to mixing.

    I can’t wait for the MIDI version tutorials to come out. I will be a buyer for that one to. I would recommend this for anyone who’s not quite sure on how to start and finish a project all the way through. Excellent DVD!

  • Robert S.  says:

    Hey Jonny,

    I just finished watching your Real World Recording w/Reaper DVD and I must say that the money I spent on your DVD was more than worth it. Your DVD cleared up the problems I was having…particularly in mastering.

    Your DVD helped me see how “Real World Recording” is done! I can’t wait for your MIDI DVD.

    Thanks Again,
    Robert S.

  • Smurf Smurf  says:

    I recently bought the “Real World Recording” DVD for Reaper, and I have to say that this is WELL worth the money!

    This takes you step-by-step thru setting up headphone mixes, routing, track comping, and more, in a easy to follow way, and in the setting of a real world tracking & mixing session.

    The delivery style is unhurried, like a friend is taking their time guiding you thru all the little steps it takes to get Reaper working smoothly….and for a deep/convoluted program like Reaper this style of course is LONG overdue!

    But the biggest winner, IMHO, is that the only effects / utility plugins that are used are the native ones. Because of this I have finally learned what some of the JS ones do! LOL Add to this that there is a good collection of FX Presets that are supplied to get ya rolling, and you have a good course that will get you up to speed in no time (well the course is over 4 hours, but you know what I mean…)

    Between this and Rea Mix book you will have a complete Reaper course IMHO.

  • Dav  says:

    I purchased and viewed the DVD last weekend and its awesome! I am just starting out recording our own CD for our band in my home studio and this is exactly what I needed, a step by step run thru of recording using Reaper. Its a good guide to use for sure as I have learned a few things about Slip editing and how easy it is. I may not use Melodyne as much now since it can color the sound abit. As well, it gives a good workflow. Great job Jonny. I can hardly wait ti you post your MIDI DVD. ETA on that one?

    Thanks again

    David from Fredericton NB Canada

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! No ETA yet.. I’m trying to get sponsored by it from some VSTi companies which seems hard then expected. I’ll let you know don’t worry.

  • Jeff Mueller  says:

    If your’re new to Reaper, or just want to learn things you dont already know I HIGHLY recommend this DVD. The content is just exceptional. 2 weeks ago I was new to Reaper. I have a terrific grasp on it now!!!!! This is an unbelievable value. Dont even hesitate, its worth WAY more than $40.00!!!!!

  • warmingtone warmingtone  says:

    Thanks to Jon’s well titled “Real World Recording” DVD using reaper, my adaptation to the program and DAW technology and techniques leaped ahead far more than all the reading and prior knowledge was giving me.

    I found it through the many great free YT vids that are regularly posted and found so useful, but the DVD is not just more of the same, but a real ‘full on’ recording session from scratch guitar and vocal through every step to burning the CD.

    The DVD is not just these short tutorials pasted together but a whole recording session and quite unique.

    The extensions and mods and themes and the prepared FX chains and such used, are all provided on the DVD along with how to make practical use of them…invaluable.

    Even though I work a lot with midi and this is little covered here, in the end everything ends up audio and all the information here is of immense value…and I am sure there will be more materials yet to come and of course the ongoing free YT tutorials to add to things.

    Service and product was A++ with great support and very impressed in every way. So happy to be able to endorse this product from a member of the ‘reaper community’ and it’s realistic practical approach to getting real music out of the program, not just knowing what does what. Highly recommended, do yourself a favour…thanks Jon, keep the good work coming~!

  • Robert S.  says:

    Just got finished watching Jonny’s Producing MIDI in Reaper tutorial and I have to say that I am really happy with Jonny’s efforts/teachings. Not only does he show you how to use Reaper MIDI but he also shows you tips and tricks on mixing music as well…..that’s a real bonus. I actually learned a lot of things concerning mixing from the different types of music genres that Jonny presents.

    I think you will be happy and really surprised by everything you learn from Producing MIDI in Reaper. In fact you can get a very nice start at Reaper by also getting Jonny’s other tutorial…Real World Recording with Reaper Volume 1. Both videos should get you excited about recording with Reaper in my opinion.

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