Kick Fatten | Thin Kick | Tone Generator | ReaGate

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This video will walk you through fattening up a recorded Kick drum.

This is a great method of drum rescue for drums that weren’t tracked well and/or an accident was made(ie broken cable only getting a thin sound).

This video was inspired by “bolenti” on the Reaper Forums.

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Side Chain – ReaComp | ReaGate | Synth Groove | Drum Controlled Instruments

Category: Tutorials

Its been awhile since a video so here you go! :-) A fellow on the forums was having an issue setting up Side Chain Compression so I thought I’d make him a video and I went a little further with Side Chain Gating too.

Here is a Link to the session file including audio.

Side Chain Fun Session and Audio

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Real World Recording w/Reaper | DVD or Digital DL Available

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RWR-BannerIf you are looking to see how a full song production is done then you have come to the right place! Real World Recording With Reaper will show you everything you’ll need to know from setting up a scratch track to mixing and mastering your songs. The teaching style of the DVD is similar to the videos found here.Read More

Oops! — Problem with replying to comments.

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Hey everyone! I’m SO sorry that it appears that I haven’t been replying to comments… It appears that in a new update/plugin/something to the site I had to click “APPROVE” for my own comments!!!.. Anyways, fixed now… Please keep posting comments and if you want the more direct route try this…

E-mail: Jon.Ginese(AT)Gmail(dot)com
AOL: Rsrecordings
Skype: RSrecords.

Thanks for all the donations and pre-orders!

Jonny Ginese

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Reverse Reverb on Vocals | Reverse item in take | m30 TC Reverb

Category: Tutorials

This is one of the requested tutorials for a few months ago.  I’m happy that I was able to get this up.  Its a must have ability in the studio.

You’l learn how to apply a reverse reverb effect to a vocal track.

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