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Changing Reapers Theme – Download | Extract | Menu Options | Forums

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Welcome back to, I’m Jonny from Red Sneaker Records, and we are going to go over changing your theme in Reaper.  I have linked 2 of my favorite themes at the bottom of this post, so I would suggest downloading them and following the instructions.  If you absolutely love the Reaper default theme then I guess you don’t need to watch this video… But if you’re like me… You want something a little sleeker or maybe even flashy.  One of my biggest issues with Reaper when I first started using it was the way it looked. Sounds kind of dumb I guess, but I came from using Pro Tools which I was very used to and I wanted something similar… or better.  Anyways let’s go on.

So click on the “LampShade – Apollo” link here at the bottom of the post… Click Run… Run a...

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Audio Interface with Asio4All – Latency | Monitoring | Buffer Settings

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I discovered a nice universal Asio driver today from ASIO 4 ALL .com. You would use this Driver if you don’t have a properly supported USB, firewire, PCI or integrated sound card. OR if you want to test to see which is better.ASIO Logo

My Previous video I mentioned that I was using WaveOut… Which works fine, But these ASIO4ALL drivers are AWESOME!. I did a test to see how it compensated for delay and it’s perfect. I currently have some cheesy RealTek HD integrated sound which with the WaveOut option was un-usable for monitoring while recording. With the ASIO 4 ALL driver set to the lowest buffer, which for me is 64, I can still hear a slight delay… maybe 10-2ms… But it’s Totally usable...

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Basic Overview – Save Session | Default Setup | Record Audio | Simple Effects

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This is the first video from Tutorials For Reaper and it goes through the very basics… default layout, track creation, basic effect usage and saving your sessions.  Once you have watched the video you should be able to do the following:

1. Save a New Session

2. Create new tracks and record Audio(midi will be covered later)

3. Understand the basic elements of Reaper are located (i.e. Trasporter, Tracks, Mixer)

4. Be able to apply effects to a track, Bypass/Disable individual FX as well as FX Chains

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