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Midi Routing – Kontakt 4 | Route Midi to VSTi and Back to Separate Audio Tracks | Render Each Instrument Properly

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Heres what i cover…
1. Configuring Kontakt 4 with 8 outs(4 stereo)
2. Using Reaper’s “insert Virtual Instrument” method of a semi-auto setup for the track outputs
3. Routing the Midi channels properly.
4. Routing the Audio from the “instruments” within Kontakt to the Reaper audio tracks.
5. writing simple midi items to show it works.
6. Showing how this setup lets you Render to Stem Properly instead of Soloing an instrument on the Kontakt channel, Rendering, then dragging it down to where its supposed to go.

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Drums as Click – GTG Synth Drums | Midi Drums as Click | Basic Beat Creation

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I just read a post on the Reaper forums… a user is trying to get a drum sound as a click track.  Here is how I prefer to get this job done.

GTG Synth has a very light weight drum module that I recommend Downloading.

Website: – they also have a lot of free VSTi’s that you should check out.

Direct DL:  GTG DPC 3 – Drum Module

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Live/Multi-track Recording or Mixing – Full Band Recording | Multi-Tracking | Live Sound | Record Your Show

Category: Tutorials

Learn to setup 16 channels of audio recording so that you can capture an entire band in 3 different scenarios.

- Full band recording 1 song at a time while using Reaper as a monitoring system for the artists

- Full band recording, full concert without using Reaper as a monitoring system

- Full band recording, full concert and using Reaper as a monitoring system/sound board.

***I will post a separate tutorial on how to make 3 separate headphone mixes for multi-tracking purposes in  a studio setting. i.e. Drums and Bass at the same time with a scratch guitar.

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Take System Basics – Record Selected Area | Audio Compilation | Vocal Compilation

Category: Tutorials

Learn how to use the basic functions of the Reaper “Take” system.  You will see how to Record, Comp, and Edit.  I show you how to make sure you use the “Record Selection” option so that you have cleaner “Takes” experience.

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Split/Slip Editing – Edit Drums Manual | Faster then Pro Tools | Better then Beat Detective | Gofer KeyMap | SWS Extensions

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Learn how to use the Split/Slip Editing method of editing drums, with help from SWS Extensions and Gofers KeyMap.

Edit Method: (you will be holding ALT the whole time) ALT+S before the beat > Release “S” > Left Click and hold on beat, move to grid > Release Left Click > Scroll mouse wheel while still holding ALT — Repeat

Download and Install First –  SWS Extensions – Direct 32-Bit64-bit ReadWebsiteSWS Install Intructions

Download and Install Second –  Gofer ReaperKeyMaps

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