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Tune Vocals with ReaTune | Manual Mode | Create Harmonies | Reaper Built-In Plugin

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This video has been requested a few times from people so I it was time to post it. The requests were mainly for the “Auto-Mode” but to be honest… I don’t recommend using ANY tuning plugin in that fashion. Anyways, I’ll show you how to manually tune a vocal with ReaTune and also create a harmony out of a lead vocal track in this video.


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Vocals with Reverb | Direct Monitoring or Software Monitoring

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Over Christmas I did a lot of recording with my family in their studio using a M-Audio Delta 44 and Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Pro. It was a ROCK SOLID setup!  I kept the interface buffer at 1024 and used the Mackie for direct monitoring.  I used the “Inserts 1-4″ off the back going into the 4 1/4 inch inputs of the Delta 44.  If you are interested in this setup let me know and I’ll help you set it up. 

One of the issues we needed to resolve was getting reverb from Reaper back to the singers headphones.  This is actually a lot easier then you think… There are 2 ways to do this(that i can think of).

Option 1
1. Set audio buffer all the way down.
2. Create vocal track – Enable input monitoring and record enable
3. Create Reverb Track
4. Send audio to the Reverb Channel

Option 2 – for di...

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Reason ReWired to Reaper – Midi to Reason and Audio back to Reaper | ReWire | Track Template

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Learn to setup Reason with ReWire into Reaper…. This will get you setup to do 2 things.. Record Midi in Reaper, play it through Reason, and then mix the audio on separate tracks in Reaper… Or… Sequence beats and patterns in Reason and mix them in Reaper… or a combination of both.

Thanks for the help Zee.

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Addictive Drums in Reaper – Record Multichannel Audio | Live Audio Output Via MIDI Input | RussUK

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Learn to route audio out of Addictive Drums and use them to either, mix tracks individually, render audio tracks separately so you can disable AD once finished, or record Live Drums to audio tracks via via MIDI input performance .

Requested by RussUK  from the Reaper Forums and

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Mixing and Bounce Help – Envelopes | Draw Automations | Normalize | Manual Leveling | Volume and Pan | Render Ready For CD

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Learn the basics of Reapers Envelope system for Volume and Pan… Just enough to get your feet wet so you can do some experimentation.  Also, see how to render your song so that its ready to burn to a CD.

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