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Mouse Modifiers | Workflow | One-Handed Editing | Reaper 4

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What you will need: Reaper 4, An idea of what you need for your workflow… Maybe a Dog.. lol

What you will learn: How to setup simple mouse modifiers that will allow you to edit drums manually with one hand… And probably increase your workflow… or allow you to drink coffee while editing.. :-)

Here is the Xfade macro I use.

My slip editing video will show you how to setup the macro and SWS Extensions.

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Multi-Docker | Screen sets | Workflow | Reaper 4

Category: Tutorials

This tutorial will show you how to setup screensets in Reaper 4.

What you will need: Reaper 4, An idea of what you need for your workflow

What you will learn: How to setup multiple screens sets that will load at the press of a button to increase your workflow.

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Steven Slate Drums 3.5 | Kontakt Routing | Track Template | Multi-Out Routing

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I’m very excited to have the first video up that involves one of Tutorials For Reaper’s Sponsors! Steven Slate Drums has sponsored us with an EX license so that I could make a video to help the Reaper Community!

What you will need: Steven Slate Drums, Reaper, Kontakt Player(included with SSD) a 10-15 minute attention span.

What you will learn: Steven Slate Drums sound great!, How to route sound out of Kontakt with Steven Slate Drums as the instrument and set it as DEFAULT, How to make a Track Template.

Extra Goodies: My SSD 3.5 Track Template

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Basic MIDI | Midi Items | Piano Roll | Loop and Copy | Time Selection Loop

Category: Tutorials


Here is a basic starter for Midi functionality in Reaper.

What you will need: Reaper, VSTi drums or other instrument, semi-creative mind

What you will learn: How to insert a new virtual instrument track, Insert a New Midi Item, edit the midi item, Loop Midi, Copy Midi, Time Select, Loop play.

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Consolidate/Export files | Prepare files for Mixing | Bring Files To Another Studio

Category: Tutorials

This has been requested a few times and I finally got around to recording the video!

What you will need: Reaper, Recorded Audio in your session, Weeded out useless tracks.

What you will learn: How to export audio files from Reaper to individual WAV files so that you can bring them to any studio for Mixing.


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