Producing MIDI In REAPER Is Officially OUT!

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We Are Proud to announce that our second video set is finished! The video set has 13 different videos which total a little over 4 hrs.

Digital Download Available Now  for ONLY $35 | DVD in the Mail Available Now for ONLY $40


What’s in the Video Series?
- Install of SWS extensions, Make Menu’s for easier editing
- Install Sample-Tank 2.5 Free and SSO for SampleTank and make templates for future sessions.
- Setup M-Audio MIDI keyboard with Midi and proper buffer for performance.

Genre and beats

- Hip-Hop(Dirty South)
- R&B
- Rap (East Coast)
- Orchestra Use with SSO

Midi Production

- Recording on a Midi track
- Input selection
- Record Quantized

Recording Midi Drums with a keyboard

- Step Recording
- Midi Editing with Drum mode and GM drum labels
- Quantization options and grooves

Recording instruments(with and w/o record quantize)

- Loop recording
- Midi Editor and Piano roll
- Quantization, humanization and grooves.


What else will we cover?
- Four different songs will be created with the above steps for the genre’s listed!

- How to record vocals for a hook for the genre’s listed listed


What else is Included?

- Session files with full midi production files – Royalty Free

- When you order a product from you will also get phone and email support from Jonny Ginese!

**Customers should know how to use a keyboard, mouse and have the ability to navigate Reaper before purchase.



Digital Download Available Now  for ONLY $35 | DVD in the Mail Available Now for ONLY $40

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