Offline Bundle Youtube videos #1-28 Now Available!

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Hello everyone!

Quite a few people expressed interest in having the ability to download my Youtube videos for offline usage. Well now you can!

I recently setup a way for Tutorials For Reaper fans to purchase a bundle of all 28 videos for only $5.99 *SALE* Normally $19.99

They will be the same videos as Youtube…


Why would you buy these?

1. You have a studio or computer that is offline only and you want a collection of videos you can always have on hand.

2.  You want to help support Tutorials For Reaper so we can continue. :-)

3.  You are in a foreign  country that doesn’t allow Youtube.

4.  You have a need to collect things. :-)


To purchase click on the Image or CLICK HERE!

TFR -Offline Bundle!



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