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What you will need: Reaper 4, An idea of what you need for your workflow… Maybe a Dog.. lol

What you will learn: How to setup simple mouse modifiers that will allow you to edit drums manually with one hand… And probably increase your workflow… or allow you to drink coffee while editing.. :-)

Here is the Xfade macro I use.

My slip editing video will show you how to setup the macro and SWS Extensions.

3 comments to Mouse Modifiers | Workflow | One-Handed Editing | Reaper 4

  • Jon - AudioGeekZine  says:

    why do the regions flash when you separate?
    The action I use to cut drums is separate under mouse cursor and select right
    I use both hands and switch between shift to scroll and alt to move contents.

    Now with a mouse with more buttons things get even better. you right thumb could hold a button for alt.
    I had the MX Revolution mouse and it was great for editing but I wore out the buttons in less than a year!

  • Daniel Lyons  says:

    lol. i thought the pictues of your dog at the end were silly.

    nice tutorial. Even further customizable awesomeness in Reaper.

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      I was trying to make people crack a smile.. lol. Information and a smile. Success! :-)

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