Audio Loops in Reaper | Similar to Sony Acid | Drag and Drop | Regions | Arrange music

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I received a request a few days ago about working with audio loops in Reaper.  The request was specifically asking if this could be done similarly to Sony Acid… SO I did some research. I wasn’t familiar with Sony Acid… but I watch a couple tutorial videos dealing with Audio loops and now I present you a video dealing with audio loops in Reaper.

What you will need: Reaper, Audio Loops, a slightly creative mind. :-)

What you will learn: Media Browser navigation, Drag and Drop loops into a session, Region creation for musical arrangements


7 comments to Audio Loops in Reaper | Similar to Sony Acid | Drag and Drop | Regions | Arrange music

  • jms3music  says:

    Very useful – thanks! I don’t work often with loops but this is definitely helpful!

  • Quest The Wordsmith  says:

    Hey, good video. ACID Pro 7 is my main DAW, and I’ve been watching your videos to help ease the transition into Reaper. One thing that I think is a MUST for acid users to know how to do when working with loops in Reaper is get the bpms of a loop. It took me a while, but just so your viewers know, here’s how to find the bpms of a loop (if its not acidized with that info in it):

    1. Drag loop into Reaper
    2. Double click in the timeline above the loop
    3. Right click in the timeline above the loop
    4. Select “Set project tempo from time selection”

    Just input the time signature and how many bars the loop is for, and voila! Your project is now set to the tempo for that given loop. This is especially handy when your chopping up samples and want to get a precise bpm count as opposed to a tap bpm or “in the ballpark”. This is the equivalent to Acid’s “Use original tempo” feature. Hope this is informative for everyone!

  • metal_priest  says:

    thanks for this tutorial, i’m starting to work with loops from a couple of weeks.
    may i ask a question about your audio loops? where did you find them? i’ve just listen the guitar melody used in this tutorial in the soundtrack of “city of the dead – last rites” LOL

    (sorry for my bad english :D )

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      I’m not sure where the samples are from.. like i said the samples were borrowed from a friend to do the video.

  • Michael  says:

    Is there a difference between the quality of the tutorial based on if it is free or paid for? This video looked unscripted like you were winging it. Which is OK if it is for free and you are trying to be helpful. Helping people is good. However before I buy the set you have for sale I would like to know if it is much more structured and puts out much more information.

  • Dario  says:

    I don’t understand, where I can find the samples and loops.. Can someone help me?
    Do I have to download them first? -> where?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      There are many websites online that have royalty free loops that you can Download. After you Download them you will put them in a location that you can navigate to via the media browser.

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