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If you are looking to see how a full song production is done then you have come to the right place! Real World Recording With Reaper will show you everything you’ll need to know from setting up a scratch track to mixing and mastering your songs. The teaching style of the DVD is similar to the videos found here.

“…I have learned more in 4 videos than I have reading all 3 books!…”

I’m offering a Physical DVD or Digital Download option.

The Instrumentation of Real World Recording With Reaper consists of:

Drums(Kick, Snare Top/Bottom, Hi-Hat, 3 Toms, 2 Overheads), Bass, Rhythm GTR(double tracked), Keyboard, Double Mic’d Lead GTR, Lead Vocals, Harmonies(creation concepts only).

What to Expect. ~4.5 hrs of video containing the following.

Preface Videos

1. Setting up headphone and reverb sends for Software monitoring solutions.
2. Installing SWS extensions, setting up edit Macro, and Pre-Sets.

Real World Recording W/Reaper

1. Intro to the tools we will be using
2. Setup Tempo, Scratch tracking/editing
3. Drum Tracking/Editing + Bass Tracking/Editing
4. Keyboard, GTR, and AC Tracking and Editing
5. Vocal Tracking/Comping
6. Vocal Tuning and Harmony creation
7. Mixing – Applying FX and getting balance
7a. Drums and Bass
7b. GTR
7c. Keys and AC
7d. Vocals and Harmonies.
8. Mixing – Automations and Envelopes.
9. Mastering – Importing Rendered tracks, Useing the plugins, Getting the right volume, and Burning your music with Reaper.




Customer Testimonials

“I have received this DVD and it’s excellent! It shows you stuff you’re going to need to use and how and where to download them. The information is clear and concise and nice and slow not rushed. It gives you a chance to follow along with your own DAW open. It really helped a beginner like me. Takes you right through to mixing.
I can’t wait for the MIDI version tutorials to come out. I will be a buyer for that one to…. I would recommend this for anyone who’s not quite sure on how to start and finish a project all the way through. Excellent DVD!” – Ron from Massachusetts 
“I just finished watching your Real World Recording with Reaper DVD and I must say.. that the money I spent on your DVD was more than worth it. Your DVD cleared up the problems I was having…particularly in mastering.
Your DVD helped me see how “Real World Recording” is done! I can’t wait for your MIDI DVD.” – Robert from Texas
“I recently bought the “Real World Recording” DVD for Reaper, and I have to say that this is WELL worth the money!
This takes you step-by-step thru setting up headphone mixes, routing, track comping, and more, in an easy to follow way, and in the setting of a real world tracking & mixing session.
The delivery style is unhurried, like a friend is taking their time guiding you thru all the little steps it takes to get Reaper working smoothly….and for a deep/convoluted program like Reaper this style of course is LONG overdue!
But the biggest winner, IMHO, is that the only effects / utility plugins that are used are the native ones. Because of this I have finally learned what some of the JS ones do! LOL Add to this that there is a good collection of FX Presets that are supplied to get ya rolling, and you have a good course that will get you up to speed in no time (well the course is over 4 hours, but you know what I mean…)” - Jim from Ohio


When you buy this DVD you will receive more than video tutorials!

You will also acquire Jonny Ginese’s custom made FX Chains which utilize Reapers built in plugins, that way EVERYONE can use them!

Real World Recording With Reaper presets Include:

Drums, Guitars, Acoustic GTRs, Bass, Piano, Violin, Buss Comp,

Mastering channel, and more. (30 FX Chain presets in total)

What else do you get?

You also get Jonny Ginese’s personalized help when you need it!  Just give him a call, TXT, e-mail or IM and he will be more than happy to help you as soon as he is available.

.RAR is used to compress files.  WINRAR may be required to extract which has a free 30-day trial..

The Download file is Approx. 1.7GBs in total.

The videos are based in Reaper 3.xx with a customized theme based on Apollo.

Methods used are still fully relevant for used with Reaper 4.

All orders are handled personally by Jonny Ginese.

Your order will be shipped/e-mailed within 24hours.

For any questions call: 423-521-5349

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