Oops! — Problem with replying to comments.

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Hey everyone! I’m SO sorry that it appears that I haven’t been replying to comments… It appears that in a new update/plugin/something to the site I had to click “APPROVE” for my own comments!!!.. Anyways, fixed now… Please keep posting comments and if you want the more direct route try this…

E-mail: Jon.Ginese(AT)Gmail(dot)com
AOL: Rsrecordings
Skype: RSrecords.

Thanks for all the donations and pre-orders!

Jonny Ginese

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  • Andrew Ingalls  says:

    I have a TASCAM US-122MKll 2.0 Audio/MIDI. does the Reaper software properly interface w/ this device, or do I need additional hardare? I was using a Cubase program and I hate it… Thanks, I need some help here!

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