Drum Rescue | Re-Sample Drums | ReaGate as MIDI Trigger | Audio to Midi drums

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I’ve been wanting to post this video for awhile now… FINALLY I’ve gotten the time to get it on the site.

You will learn to use ReaGate to trigger a VSTi drum sampler… by doing this you can replace audio with your midi trigger sounds and/or edit your drums in Midi instead of audio.

5 comments to Drum Rescue | Re-Sample Drums | ReaGate as MIDI Trigger | Audio to Midi drums

  • grogthecaveman  says:

    This is a great tutorial!!! Gonna go try this out with Drumagog tonight!

  • PaulOticks  says:

    Great tutorial buddy!!!!
    I use trigger a lot but never
    really thought of doing it this way.
    I would have saved a ton hahaha. Take
    care and thanks for the videos!

  • PossPosah  says:

    Is it possible to change MIDI note output velocity too? As i try trigger output always at same velocity, but i want to trigger with dynumics. maybe some tuttorials how to do this with freeware plugins…

  • Bahrum  says:

    Hey man,
    Thanks for the Tutorials…
    Big question…!
    How does your overhead mics sound after all those splits?
    I get a really artifact-ed sound when I do this… Do you have any special set up on on how your auto fade times are set?
    I find if I cross-fade and not just split (fade in and out) I get a much more smooth sound.
    Thanks again!

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      When I do the slip/split editing I use a macro that is a crossfade in and out of the point under my mouse. Look up the slip editing video I have and the Macro is in the post to down load. :-)

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