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Oops! — Problem with replying to comments.

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Hey everyone! I’m SO sorry that it appears that I haven’t been replying to comments… It appears that in a new update/plugin/something to the site I had to click “APPROVE” for my own comments!!!.. Anyways, fixed now… Please keep posting comments and if you want the more direct route try this…

E-mail: Jon.Ginese(AT)Gmail(dot)com
AOL: Rsrecordings
Skype: RSrecords.

Thanks for all the donations and pre-orders!

Jonny Ginese

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Reverse Reverb on Vocals | Reverse item in take | m30 TC Reverb

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This is one of the requested tutorials for a few months ago.  I’m happy that I was able to get this up.  Its a must have ability in the studio.

You’l learn how to apply a reverse reverb effect to a vocal track.

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Drum Rescue | Re-Sample Drums | ReaGate as MIDI Trigger | Audio to Midi drums

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I’ve been wanting to post this video for awhile now… FINALLY I’ve gotten the time to get it on the site.

You will learn to use ReaGate to trigger a VSTi drum sampler… by doing this you can replace audio with your midi trigger sounds and/or edit your drums in Midi instead of audio.

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Tune Vocals with ReaTune | Manual Mode | Create Harmonies | Reaper Built-In Plugin

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This video has been requested a few times from people so I it was time to post it. The requests were mainly for the “Auto-Mode” but to be honest… I don’t recommend using ANY tuning plugin in that fashion. Anyways, I’ll show you how to manually tune a vocal with ReaTune and also create a harmony out of a lead vocal track in this video.


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Vocals with Reverb | Direct Monitoring or Software Monitoring

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Over Christmas I did a lot of recording with my family in their studio using a M-Audio Delta 44 and Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Pro. It was a ROCK SOLID setup!  I kept the interface buffer at 1024 and used the Mackie for direct monitoring.  I used the “Inserts 1-4″ off the back going into the 4 1/4 inch inputs of the Delta 44.  If you are interested in this setup let me know and I’ll help you set it up. 

One of the issues we needed to resolve was getting reverb from Reaper back to the singers headphones.  This is actually a lot easier then you think… There are 2 ways to do this(that i can think of).

Option 1
1. Set audio buffer all the way down.
2. Create vocal track – Enable input monitoring and record enable
3. Create Reverb Track
4. Send audio to the Reverb Channel

Option 2 – for di...

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