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Learn to setup Reason with ReWire into Reaper…. This will get you setup to do 2 things.. Record Midi in Reaper, play it through Reason, and then mix the audio on separate tracks in Reaper… Or… Sequence beats and patterns in Reason and mix them in Reaper… or a combination of both.

Thanks for the help Zee.

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  • Eric  says:

    Wonderful tutorial btw. However, at the part at 4:50 when you take redrum midi to channel 10 into that drum folder, when i do the same all the channels inside the drum folder lose the fx button and everything. As if they are just emtpy tracks..

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      e-mail me your reason and reaper session files so i can take a look.

  • Eric  says:

    K will do

  • Tom  says:

    That ReWire session doesn’t show up in my REAPER!!

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Could you expand on that?

  • J Andrew  says:

    I know this posting is old, but I’m not sure who else to ask but the person who made the video.

    I am able to get my ReDrum sounds onto own tracks in Reaper.
    I’m having a problem recording the audio from Reason into Reaper.

    I’ll arm the drum tracks to record, I can bang out a beat but nothing shows up on the tracks in Reaper. Am I missing something?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      I replied to J Andrews via E-mail to resolve this issue today.

      Answer: “From what you’ve said it sounds like you don’t have each channel setup in “Record: Output mono or stereo” mode. Right click on the Record button on each channel and then click “record Output” and then select “Record Output:mono or Stereo”

      …I’m pretty sure I covered that in the video.. being a 15 min video J might have missed it. :-)

  • Robby  says:

    I have a question..

    I went to route each channel from redrum to the hardware device (1 to 1, 2 to 2, and so on) but there are red lights from 3-8. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Here’s a screenshot:

    Thank you kindly for any help. And GREAT videos!!!

  • Robby  says:

    figured it out! I wasn’t in rewire mode.

    thanks again!!

  • Brendan Averett  says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. The problem I’m having is that, once I set up the tracks, my keyboard only triggers the Reason instrument on channel 1. I’ve routed everything including the midi channels according to the tutorial, but every rewired track seems to only trigger the instrument on channel 1. Even if I add another track with a completely different VSTi, that track will trigger the VSTi AND the channel 1 Reason instrument. I’m running Reaper on a Mac.

  • Brendan Averett  says:

    Solved it. First, I needed to disable monitoring on the Reason Host track and assign it to MIDI: Virtual Keyboard: Channel 16. I must’ve missed that step in the video. This fixed the problem when I had no keyboard connected. But when I connected my Axiom 25, a similar problem cropped up but with a delay. Solved that by going to the “Keyboards and Control Surfaces” preference in Reason and unselecting the “Use with Reason” box for my keyboard, thereby disabling the keyboard in Reason itself. Now, when I arm a track, it plays the right instrument.

  • Rick  says:

    I noticed in the last past of the video how u rendered the audio file…say im playing a loop from, without any midi input, how would I just route and record the audio?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      You should probably route it the same way Except change the Record mode on the audio track to “Record Output” then you can just record in real time. I don’t think it will Render on a track unless there are Midi notes being sent.

  • John  says:

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial. It was the perfect pace. I hate having to constantly rewind or skip ahead. Anybody ever tell you that you sound exactly like the actor Adam Scott (from Party Down, Parks and Recreation)?

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