Looking for a Kick Drum Mic? | AKG D112 will do the job!

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Hey everyone! I’ve been doing more and more live audio lately and the AKG D112has been my mic of choice.  Its only about $250 and it gives you all the punch, attack and depth that you would expect from a kick drum.  Although I’ve been using it for live audio, it would be a great mic to start using as an alternative to my favorite combo setup, which is the Sennheiser MD421 on the inside and EV RE-20 on the outside.

3 comments to Looking for a Kick Drum Mic? | AKG D112 will do the job!

  • Jimmy V  says:

    Totally agree, The gate is perfect and I have had one since 1993.

  • cporro  says:

    the d112 will do the job. but if i was in the market for a new kick mic i’d check out the shure beta 52. i always end up adding more attack (near 5k) and removing some middle (near 250 hz) on the d112. the shure is just better to my ears out the gate. and it’s a pretty big difference. here is my shootout with some audio samples. http://chrisporro.com/?p=900

    the samples are with same kick and mic placement. no processing accept to match levels. maybe adding a few db.

    i think the shure is about the same price. maybe less. my 2 cents.

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Valid argument for sure! Certain mics work better on different drums. I wouldn’t place the mic like you have on the site though. I’d actually have the D112 inside the kick port with the bad side flush with the back head. At least that’s how I have it setup at the venue on a Yamaha Absolute Maple kit. This is if you can’t use a 2 mic option, my preference would be a Sennheiser MD421 about 2 inches from the front head inside the kick drum pointed directly at the mallets… and an Electro-Voice RE-20 flush with the port hole.

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