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I just read a post on the Reaper forums… a user is trying to get a drum sound as a click track.  Here is how I prefer to get this job done.

GTG Synth has a very light weight drum module that I recommend Downloading.

Website: GTGsynth.com – they also have a lot of free VSTi’s that you should check out.

Direct DL:  GTG DPC 3 – Drum Module

5 comments to Drums as Click – GTG Synth Drums | Midi Drums as Click | Basic Beat Creation

  • Jason  says:

    Great tutorial man. I just downloaded reaper today and this was the first tutorial I looked at. Definitely put me on the right path as well as answered a few unasked questions.

    Much appreciated.

  • musicroom  says:

    Nice! Thanks for taking the time to show us another way to do a midi click / drum track. Saved this exercise as a track template.

  • Hampus  says:

    Thanks for the help! It seems that i can’t download the other vst’s at gtgsynths.com it just works with your link, help please.

  • unomig  says:

    after I double click the new MIDI item the organ that controlling the drums is shown below.. but when I am pressing the organ it doesnt have any sounds, I hope this will make sense.

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      You have to make sure to enable track monitoring and record enable it if you are trying to play the virtual keyboard. If you are jsut mapping out with MIDI items you wont need monitoring or record enabled.

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