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Learn how to use the Split/Slip Editing method of editing drums, with help from SWS Extensions and Gofers KeyMap.

Edit Method: (you will be holding ALT the whole time) ALT+S before the beat > Release “S” > Left Click and hold on beat, move to grid > Release Left Click > Scroll mouse wheel while still holding ALT — Repeat

Download and Install First –  SWS Extensions – Direct 32-Bit64-bit ReadWebsiteSWS Install Intructions

Download and Install Second –  Gofer ReaperKeyMaps

22 comments to Split/Slip Editing – Edit Drums Manual | Faster then Pro Tools | Better then Beat Detective | Gofer KeyMap | SWS Extensions

  • Omarkum  says:

    Is there any problem with the Gofer download ..it comes down to me as an unknown file and will not open.

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      It IS the file .. you don’t need to open it. you just put it in the “keymap” folder. Then assign the keymap to a schortcut like in the video.

  • Omarkum  says:

    Thanks again…my problem now is that I see no option listed other than ” split at mouse left” and “split at mouse right”…nothing about crossfades etc.. I am again at a loss..


  • Jazz  says:


    I have the same problem, can’t see the combined action of split grouped item and crossfade. I am using Reaper 3.74. Was the same under 3.71 before I upgraded. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • lord666  says:

    same problem here with Jazz. Now where’s Jonny when we needed him?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      For some reason my replies aren’t working.. I sent you an e-mail.

  • Jean  says:

    The problem is you may be putting it in the wrong keymap folder.

    I installed Reaper in a different directory than the default, and though the install created a keymap folder there, Reaper still put the programs keymaps in a folder named keymap under my user profile directory on the C: drive.

    Search for a folder called keymap on the C: drive under Documents and Settings. Drop your keymap into that keymap folder, then restart Reaper. You should now see the Gofer keymap.

  • nock  says:

    how do you get the extions to open in mac??

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      these is a Mac version, and SWS has a install guide on there site.

  • Kris  says:

    How about doing a 4 minute song -it would tak forever and how do you get rid of the artifacts? I don’t see how this is better than beatdetective (it’s doing the same thing just faster) or elastic time.

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Its not doing the same actually.
      Beat detective is defined my a computer brain so it didn’t take into acount feel and a human ear… and it stretches.
      Eleastic is ALL stretching.

      On the tutorial DVD I edited a 6:30 song in 1 hour… the manual way of doing this in pro tools would have been an all day affair.

  • H.M.  says:

    Hi, which actions do I choose to make the custom action-shortcut from the video? Great tutorials, thank you!

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      You can DL the “Gofer” keymap from this post. Then when you go to custom actions in Reaper import the keymap. After that you can assign it to anything you want. I prefer ALT+S.

      • H.M.  says:

        Oh man, how did I miss that. Now I feel stupid. Now it works, thank you. :)

  • Steven  says:

    I can only make splits on the highlighted parts, and then I have to deselect everything or else everything slips together, before and after the splits. That will double the time this would take. How do you get around this?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Did you use the Macro listed in the post? Its the one i use and it works properly.. I think the “Built in” one that comes with SWS has either a glitch or the wrong intended behaviour for drum editing.

  • Geir  says:

    Thanks a lot Jonny!

    Question: What do you do when there’s cymbals (with sustain). Do you then switch to stretch item?

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Umm… If you need to you could do this.. but usually the slip edit works fine without any artifacts.

      • Geir  says:

        Ok, thanks :)

  • David  says:

    when i slip edit i find that when i have a decent change to make the cymbals get all glitchy sounding and it sounds like crap even if its not a really big adjustment i still find it to stand out way to much and it is a problem help would be great!

    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      are you using a Xfade in and out macro? or just slicing? Just slicing will sound bad but the xfade in and out should sound good. Could you email me sample of the issue?

      • David  says:

        no man im crossfading it ill sen you a clip if i can

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