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So on the Reaper forums where is ALWAYS someone wondering how to make a Pro Tools look alike, don’t get me wrong here… I was one of them too but there isn’t any simple way to do it… well… until Shane has the time to finish up ReaTools.   I would recommend that you try to customize your menus to what YOU want them to do… not what AVID wants them to do.  Trust me when i tell you, Pro Tools was nice, but making Reaper behave the way I want it too is much better.

Think of it this way:

You have 1 setup for Tracking: All your input settings, takes, track removal, punching, buffer settings, midi controls, etc… nothing more thne you need because when you right click you only want to see “takes – Take – 01, Take – 01″ not a 15 option long menu.

You have 1 setup for Editing: All your shortcuts for quick track splicing, removal, duplication, , Grid adjustments, etc

You have 1 Setup for Mixing: Effects easier to access, faster envelope views, phase corrections, normalizations, etc

So go through the awesome customizable system that the guys at Cockos have made and make it YOURS! They even allow you to change the splash screen to whatever you want.

Start messing with those menus!

As Requested here is the Menu Set :TutorialsForReaper – Custom Menu 2010

2 comments to Customize Menus – Basics of menu alterations | Export/Import | TCP | Mixer

  • Phil  says:

    Would you mind posting your custom menu/toolbar set for download.



    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      I’ll have to dig up this menu set… I recently started to use the default menu’s because I’ve come to need almost all the options. But the addition of different grid options is a must on a right click.

      I’ll try to find it… if i can’t I’ll have to make a new set.

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