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Welcome back to, I’m Jonny from Red Sneaker Records, and we are going to go over changing your theme in Reaper.  I have linked 2 of my favorite themes at the bottom of this post, so I would suggest downloading them and following the instructions.  If you absolutely love the Reaper default theme then I guess you don’t need to watch this video… But if you’re like me… You want something a little sleeker or maybe even flashy.  One of my biggest issues with Reaper when I first started using it was the way it looked. Sounds kind of dumb I guess, but I came from using Pro Tools which I was very used to and I wanted something similar… or better.  Anyways let’s go on.

So click on the “LampShade – Apollo” link here at the bottom of the post… Click Run… Run again if anything pops up. Assuming that you are using the default windows compression explorer… Which will looks just like any other windows directory/folder.   Leave this open and navigate to the Reaper install directory.  I’m on Windows 7 here so I will go to Start > Computer > Then C: Drive > Program Files > Then REAPER. If you are on windows Vista it will be the same, if you are on a 32-bit or 64-bit install the Program Files name might be a little different.  If you are on Windows XP you will follow the same steps above except the first step, you will Click Start then My Computer instead of “Computer”. Within the Reaper folder we see a bunch of stuff… and for this tutorial we want to now go into the “ColorThemes” Folder, So Double Click that. Now, remember the theme we downloaded before? Bring them both back into view so that you can see both windows. So in the downloaded Theme window highlight the items, Now Left Click + Hold and Drag them to the “ColorThemes” folder and release your left Click.  Windows will automatically extract the files and put them where you just dropped them.  Repeat the same steps for the “White Tie – Blender” download at the bottom of this post.

Now let’s go into Reaper and see what they look like. Once Reaper opens click on “Options” at the top of your screen > Then “Themes” > Then click on “Apollo” which was made by LampShade. There you go…  Totally different than the original. Let’s do the same for the other theme we downloaded, which was from “White Tie”.  It looks like there are 3 different versions of “Blender” so you can check them all out. There you go! Changing a theme in Reaper! Go to the “Stash” @ to check out more themes… or if you are on the forums go to and browse or post a request even. If you aren’t a part of the forums I highly recommend it.

LampShade – Apollo

Albertxxxx – Solaris – Pro <— Favorite

ReaBorn 2 - <— Runner up

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