Audio Interface with Asio4All – Latency | Monitoring | Buffer Settings

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I discovered a nice universal Asio driver today from ASIO 4 ALL .com. You would use this Driver if you don’t have a properly supported USB, firewire, PCI or integrated sound card. OR if you want to test to see which is better.ASIO Logo

My Previous video I mentioned that I was using WaveOut… Which works fine, But these ASIO4ALL drivers are AWESOME!. I did a test to see how it compensated for delay and it’s perfect. I currently have some cheesy RealTek HD integrated sound which with the WaveOut option was un-usable for monitoring while recording. With the ASIO 4 ALL driver set to the lowest buffer, which for me is 64, I can still hear a slight delay… maybe 10-2ms… But it’s Totally usable. And when in very heavy sessions I can put the buffer all the way up to 2048 and it performs quite a bit better then the WaveOut Buffering system.
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Till Next time, Happy Recording.

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3 comments to Audio Interface with Asio4All – Latency | Monitoring | Buffer Settings

  • Nshan  says:

    Great tutorial Jonny. I’m sold on reaper I think. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future tutorials.

  • Ahmed  says:

    Thanks for all the tutorials Jonny. I am sold on Reaper thanks to you (leaving Cubase behind).

    I had a question regarding this particular topic. I have an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface in which I plug my mic. Is it possible for me to use ASIO for my output device and use my USB interface as my Input device? I want it so that my speakers are used for playback and my USB interface is used for recording.


    • JonnyGinese JonnyGinese  says:

      Hmm… not in asio drive mode.. only 1 device or interface can be used.. I suggest getting an adapter and hooking your speakers to the fast track usb. Then on your computer makebthe interface the main soundcard for normal everyday tasks.

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