Oldie but a goodie

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I was browsing through my old themes that I loved using for Reaper and came across Apollo 4 once again.


This is still one of the most simple and easy on the eyes themes I’ve used.

Check it out! The creator did a great job. If you need to know how to change your themes Check out this video I made awhile back.


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Happy New Year!

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I hope everyone is going to have a great new year’s eve!

This year make a resolution to learn REAPER a little bit better.  Check out the tutorial section for some tips and tricks to help out your next production.  And don’t forget to sign up for the free eBook and newsletter.

Happy New Year

Jonny Ginese

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My 7 Tips eBook is now available!

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I’m really excited to have my recent eBook available to you for FREE. It has 7 tips that will help you on your next session.  These are tips that can be easily overlooked, but are very valuable to making your session and mix go smoothly.  I’m sure if you use these tips next session you will see an improvement over your previous project.

Sign up to the right. ——->

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Reaper 4.731 with Elastique v3!

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If you haven’t updated your Reaper to the current version I’d highly recommend it.  Elastique v3 is now released and it sounds better than ever.  As I was testing it out yesterday when editing drums it seemed to hold the transients(attack) together better than previous versions.

Click Here to Download the new version of reaper now.

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Looking to the future!

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Greetings friends,

A lot of “life” has happened recently which has prevented me from posting as much as I would like, but I’m back!  I will be providing new content from the projects I’m working on as well as offering some FREE eBooks to those of you that really want to hone your skills in the studio.  There will also be some changes to the site that will enable me better serve the REAPER community. Till next time keep recording and making music!

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